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Webinar 1: Summary of the PoliRuralPlus Project

Webinar 1 of the PoliRuralPlus series, titled "Lessons Learned Part 1", was held virtually on March 27, 2024. The session aimed to disseminate experiences and knowledge accrued from the PoliRural project, focusing on Foresight methodologies applied across various European regions.The webinar featured insightful contributions from key participants including Gabriel O’Connelll and John O’Flaherty from the Monaghan pilot, Santa Vītola from the Vidzeme pilot, and Tuula Löytty from the Southern Finland pilot. They shared significant feedback based on their extensive experiences with the Foresight process within the PoliRural framework.

Main Topics Covered:

  1. Policy Challenges in Rural Areas: The discussion highlighted the increasing policy challenges faced by local governments in both rural and urban settings, emphasizing the need for rapid response to diverse issues and the integration of financial strategies within action plans.
  2. Foresight in PoliRural: An overview was provided on the implementation of Foresight methodologies within the project, detailing the creation of resources that could be reused or adapted in future initiatives.
  3. Future Directions: The webinar set the stage for subsequent discussions on advanced topics such as modelling, IT tools, and platform support for rural development.

Outputs and Resources: The webinar was successfully recorded and is accessible via cloud storage for the duration of the project. Interested parties can access the recording using the provided link and passcode. Additionally, the presentation slides are available for download from the designated project sharing folder.

Relevant Links: Several resources and related projects were shared during the webinar, enhancing the repository of knowledge and tools available for stakeholders:

Conclusion: Webinar 1 of the PoliRuralPlus series provided valuable insights into the application of Foresight in rural development, discussed the evolving challenges in policy-making, and set the groundwork for future discussions on enhancing rural governance and sustainability. The recorded session and the materials shared remain accessible for further reference and utilization by interested stakeholders.


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