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Map of open land use dataset

Open Land Use Map is a composite map that is intended to create detailed land-use maps of various regions based on certain pan-Europen datasets such as CORINE Landcover, UrbanAtlas enriched by available regional data.

Innovation potential in Czech-Bavarian regions

The model for assessing the territory's attractiveness in terms of innovation potential along the Czech-Bavarian border is underway. This territory represents a very large rural and mountainous area in Central Europe. Moreover, its individual parts are considered marginal regions in both the Czech Republic and Germany.

The current results are presented using a cross-border heat map (Figure RAE4), in which green areas indicate places with strong innovation potential and red regions indicate weak innovation potential.

Czech water bodies and rivers

Map composition containing water bodies (rivers, lakes and their 25, 50 and 100 m zones), water reservoirs and water resource protection zones.

Erosion in Czechia

Map composition containing layers for DZES 5 filling, drainage lines and source erosion.

Soil map of Czechia

Map composition containing a 1:50000 soil map and a land rating system (BPEJ) layer.

Land attractiveness in Vysočina

The goal of data processing in the Vysočina area was to evaluate the attractiveness of the area with regard to the requirements of agriculture. Attractiveness is presented in the form of homogeneous clusters of areas with similar attractiveness or in the form of the order of areas from the point of view of attractiveness.

Forest development in 2017-2022

A time series of NDVI vegetation indices masked for forest areas shows the evolution of the state of forests affected by the bark beetle disaster between 2017 and 2022.

Agricultural land rating in Vysočina region

The composition shows the individual parameters of the score of the point assessment of profitability on the agricultural and forest lands of the OLU in the Vysočina. The land rating (BPEJ) thematic data comes from the national BPEJ database Land geometries are from the OLU database. Description of the database

Land cover in Vysočina region

The composition shows the type of landscape cover and its use on Open Land Use (OLU) lands in Vysočina. The geometry of the faces comes from the OLU reference datasets.

Agroclimatic factors in Vysočina region

The composition shows selected agroclimatic factors of wheat growth on the agricultural and forest lands of Open Land Use in Vysočina. Thematic data of agroclimatic factor values ​​come from data services at