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Webinar 2: Summary of the PoliRural Project

The second webinar of the PoliRuralPlus series, entitled "Lessons Learned Part 2," was conducted on April 22, 2024. This session continued the exploration of the advancements and insights gained from the initial phase of the PoliRural project, focusing specifically on the development and application of innovative tools to support rural development. This webinar provided an in-depth discussion on three pivotal tools developed during the PoliRural project, aimed at enhancing the semantic analysis of texts, exploring policy options, and evaluating the attractiveness of rural regions. These tools are essential for stakeholders involved in regional planning and policy-making.

Key Tools Presented:

  1. SEMEX (Semantic Explorer): An IT tool collection designed for the semantic analysis of texts. The tool and its evaluation reports for the 12 regional pilots can be accessed at Semantic Explorer.
  2. POE (Policy Options Explorer): A decision support tool based on a System Dynamic Model of the regional economy, with its evaluation report available at Policy Options Explorer.
  3. RAE (Regional Attractiveness Explorer): A tool that utilizes a composite index to assess the attractiveness of rural regions, available at Rural Attractiveness Explorer.

Several key documents referenced during the webinar include:

Conclusion: Webinar 2 of the PoliRuralPlus series successfully highlighted the development and application of critical tools that support the analysis and planning needs of rural development stakeholders. The resources shared are intended to bolster ongoing and future efforts in regional planning, ensuring that the lessons learned are integrated into the continued evolution of rural policy frameworks. The materials provided will remain accessible for stakeholders to utilize and adapt within their respective contexts


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