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Rural pilot 5: Mallusjoki (Finland)

Rural district description

According to tradition, Mallusjoki is the oldest village in Orimattila. First written mention of the village is from 1459. Mallusjoki is a representative and typical village in Finland. Anything that is to be carried out in Mallusjoki can be replicated in most of the Finnish rural villages. The typical common features at rural municipalities and villages are agriculture landscape and traditional and cultural events that reflect community sense and inhabitants' intellectual landscape.


Challenge description

Building the Rural Event Industry Ecosystem supporting the meaningful mission of the community and a possibility to impact the future of the village. Aiming to better self-esteem via events that are noted in Southern Finland, along with new opportunities for employment and career. Creative sector artists will come to create content for the Rural Events attracting urban visitors who look for unique special places. This is tourism from Cities to Rural.

Anticipated result

The Rural Event Industry Ecosystem concept.

The Rural Event Industry strategy 2040 for Mallusjoki Youth Association. The strategy comprises state-of-art, vision, roadmap and action plan.

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