We are excited to announce that the PoliRuralPlus Outreach Call is now officially open for submissions! This call aims to foster innovative projects that enhance rural-urban interactions across the European Union, promoting sustainable rural development and grassroots innovations.

How to Apply

Visit our PoliRuralPlus Knowledge Hub for detailed guidelines and to submit your proposal. For any questions, please contact our designated contact points for each pilot region, whose details can be found further.

Need ideas for your proposal? Watch our partners' video presentations!

We are thrilled to announce that the PoliRuralPlus partners have created a series of informative and engaging video presentations. These videos provide valuable insights into the unique challenges, opportunities, and innovations within our nine pilot regions across the European Union.

Featured video presentations

Ireland (Monaghan County)

  • Focus: Enterprise development in the green economy and social enterprise support.
  • Contact Person: Jeyald Antony Rasaratnam, jantony@midl.ie

Slovakia (entire country)

  • Focus: Rural revitalization, stakeholder engagement, and capacity building.
  • Contact Person: Marieta Okenkova, marietaokenkova@gmail.com

Greece (Region of Central Greece)

  • Focus: Sustainable agritech training, agritourism promotion, and digital skills enhancement.
  • Contact Person: Penny Zafiraki, p.zafiraki@aua.gr, Katerina Sachsamanaglou, k_sachsamanoglou@c-gaia.gr

Italy (Apulia)

  • Focus: Short food supply chains, healthy diets, and rural-urban linkages.
  • Contact Person: Mariagrazia Perri, tinadasrl.spinoff@gmail.com

Finland (Mallusjoki rural district)

  • Focus: Rural Event Industry Ecosystem, community engagement, and economic opportunities.
  • Contact Person: Niina Martelin, mallusjokiya@gmail.com, Tuula Löytty, tuula.loytty@smartlean.fi

Czech-Bavarian border region (Bohemian Forest / Šumava and Bayerischer Wald / surrounding areas)

  • Focus: Rural innovation network, connectivity, and business opportunities.
  • Contact Person: Karin Haselböck, Johanna Träger, poliruralplus@th-deg.de

Spain (Segobriga and region of Sierra y Mancha Conquense) video coming soon

  • Focus: Rural-urban synergies, cultural heritage, and economic development.
  • Contact Person: coming soon

Latvia (Vidzeme)

  • Focus: Regional development monitoring, inclusive governance, and innovation support.
  • Contact Person: Santa Vitola, santa.vitola@vidzeme.lv, Krisjanis Veitners, krisjanis.veitners@vidzeme.lv

Malta (Malta and Gozo)

  • Focus: Digital transformation, entrepreneurial capacity building, and youth empowerment.
  • Contact Person: Maria Elena Muscat, maria.elena@acrosslimits.com

Why watch these videos?

  • Understand the local context: Gain a deeper understanding of the specific challenges and opportunities within each pilot region.
  • Get inspired: Discover innovative ideas and projects that are driving rural-urban interactions.
  • Prepare your proposal: If you’re considering applying to our open calls, these presentations provide valuable context and guidance.

Access the video presentations

To watch the video presentations, simply click on the links provided above or check our YouTube channel

We hope you find these videos both informative and inspiring. A big thank you to all our partners for their hard work and dedication in creating these presentations.

For any questions or further information, please contact us at opencall@poliruralplus.eu.