EU CAP Network brought together 200 motivated young people from rural areas and people from 32 countries. The young people aged 18-30 are working with LEADER at regional, national and EU level.

The Young LEADER Forum main event was organised in Vierumäki, Finland in 11.6.- 13.6.2024. The Young LEADER Forum is the world's first Europe-wide Youth Leader meeting. The initiative for the event came from the European Union Commission, which also finances most of the event. The Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry of Finland is also involved in the event.

Mallusjoki Youth Association hosted an EU CAP Network field trip on 13.6.2024 to demonstrate their activities with young people at the local cultural center with theatre, music and poetry.

The Local Action Group - Päijänne-Leader's Village and Youth Activator Tiina Västilä had approached Mallusjoki Youth Association and requested that they could host the event at Mallusjoki community. It was clear that Mallusjoki Youth Association will respond positively to the request. After all, Päijänne-Leader is a key stakeholder member and reciprocity is essential.

Orimattilan Sanomat is a local newspaper that covers events and news in the region. The article below is about the Young LEADER Forum event and the field trip to the Mallusjoki Youth Association. The article is published on 18.6.2024.

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The activities in Young LEADER Forum event and associated field trips are well aligned with the aim and work plan of PoliRuralPlus Horizon Europe project. Mallusjoki Youth Association and Smart & Lean Hub Oy are partners of the PoliRuralPlus consortium and responsible of Mallusjoki pilot.

Both Young LEADER Forum and PoliRuralPlus aim to

  • Involve young people in rural community activities.
  • Have a positive impact on rural development and the future.
  • Foster a stronger connection with the environment and promote pro-environmental behaviour and well-being (ref. New European Bauhaus (NEB) initiatives).
  • Building capacity, e.g. for rural entrepreneurship and innovation.
  • Strengthening rural-urban synergies, e.g. in agri-food systems and tourism.