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Rural Pilots

County Monaghan (Ireland)

Rural Pilot 1: County Monaghan (Ireland) Rural district descriptionCounty Monaghan is a mainly rural county in Ireland. It is part of the Border Region and is in the province of Ulster. Monaghan Co

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Rural pilot 2: Slovakia Rural district descriptionSlovakia has 5,4 million inhabitants and covers the territory of 49 036 sq. km. Highlands and mountains cover 60% of its territory and lowlands 40%

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Central Greece

Rural pilot 3: Central Greece Rural district descriptionCentral Greece is a region located in the heart of the country, encompassing diverse landscapes ranging from mountainous terrains to coastal

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Apulia (Italy)

Rural pilot 4: Apulia (Italy) Rural district descriptionApulia is a southern region that forms the 'heel' of the Italian boot. It is characterised by hilly villages, countryside with an a

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Mallusjoki (Finland)

Rural pilot 5: Mallusjoki (Finland) Rural district descriptionAccording to tradition, Mallusjoki is the oldest village in Orimattila. First written mention of the village is from 1459. Mallusjoki i

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Czech-Bavarian border region (Czechia-Germany)

Rural pilot 6: Czech-Bavarian border region (Czechia-Germany) Rural district descriptionThe Czech-Bavarian border region, defined by the Bohemian Forest (Šumava and Bayerischer Wald) mountain range

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Rural pilot 7: Spain Rural district descriptionThe "Federation for the Development of Sierra and Mancha Conquense" (ADESIMAN), formed on January 7, 1997, stands as a beacon of rural devel

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Vidzeme (Latvia)

Rural pilot 8: Vidzeme (Latvia) Rural district descriptionVidzeme, the northern region of Latvia, is the largest region in the country, covering 30.6% of its territory. It is the least populated re

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Rural pilot 9: Malta Rural district descriptionMalta is the smallest EU country - being only 313 sq. km in size, it takes less than an hour to drive from one end of the main island to the other. Ma

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