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Rural pilot 7: Spain

Rural district description

The "Federation for the Development of Sierra and Mancha Conquense" (ADESIMAN), formed on January 7, 1997, stands as a beacon of rural development through the amalgamation of ADIMMAC and SEDECUCE, encompassing 56 municipalities and a myriad of entities, marking a pivotal role in the regional progression through programs like PRODER 1 and PRODER 2. Simultaneously, a pilot initiative underscores Rural-Urban Synergies & Cultural Heritage, aiming to galvanise local stakeholders around the Segobriga Archaeological Park. This endeavour seeks to cultivate diverse business models and foster cooperation, leveraging cultural assets, collaborative tools, and policy support to notably enhance the local economy and community cohesion.

Challenge description

Rural-Urban Synergies & Cultural Heritage.

The challenge seeks to integrate the strategies of ADESIMAN and the Segobriga Archaeological Park into a cohesive framework that encourages rural innovation, cultural heritage preservation, digital transformation, entrepreneurship and capacity building. Programs centred around renewable energy production and energy communities, environment, agrotourism, education. Moreover, the challenge aims to adapt urban incubator models to rural settings, fostering localised innovation ecosystems that connect technology experts, startups, and policy-makers.


Anticipated result

Establishing a unified monitoring framework within the context of ADESIMAN and the Segobriga Archaeological Park is expected to significantly enhance regional development and innovation in rural settings. By embedding digital and entrepreneurial skills within the agricultural workforce and leveraging the rich cultural heritage as a focal point, this initiative aims to reverse the declining agricultural labour force trend and attract young farmers. This approach will not only preserve the value of the sector for the local population but also stimulate economic growth and community engagement across the region. Capacity building activities are anticipated to foster a sustainable, innovative, and inclusive rural environment, bridging the gap between traditional practices and modern technologies.

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