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Rural pilot 6: Czech-Bavarian border region (Czechia-Germany)

Rural district description

The Czech-Bavarian border region, defined by the Bohemian Forest (Šumava and Bayerischer Wald) mountain range, is a natural and cultural bridge between the Czech Republic and Bavaria, Germany. Characterized by dense forests, mountainous landscapes, and significant rivers like the Vltava and the Danube, this area is a hub for biodiversity, outdoor activities, and conservation efforts within the European Green Belt. It boasts a rich tapestry of cultural and historical sites, reflecting centuries of European history and cross-cultural exchanges. Economic cooperation across the border benefits from the region's strategic location, enhancing trade, tourism, and traditional industries such as glassmaking and brewing. This melding of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and economic activity makes the Czech-Bavarian border region a unique and vibrant area of Central Europe.

Challenge description

The pilot aims to enhance regional development and innovation in rural and border areas. It focuses on adapting urban incubator models to rural settings to support startups, understanding cultural and language barriers in border regions, and analysing regional innovation potential, especially through the involvement of young academics and startups. Additionally, the pilot explores the transfer of the "Technology Campus" model to these areas, promoting localised innovation ecosystems for small and medium-sized enterprises. This integrated approach is designed to stimulate innovation, support local economies, and bridge urban-rural and cross-border divides.


Anticipated result

Knowledge transfer between the border region in Germany and that in Czech is the end goal. With DIT having the know-how of connecting urban and rural areas via the idea of Technology Campuses (i.e. specialised campus that spans beyond the main university area, usually in urban settings, and into rural districts), the end of the project, in a best case scenarios, should witness the creation of a similar hub that works as a connection point, linking the Czech border region to the knowledge centre in Bavaria.

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