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Rural pilot 8: Vidzeme (Latvia)

Rural district description

Vidzeme, the northern region of Latvia, is the largest region in the country, covering 30.6% of its territory. It is the least populated region in Latvia, and, consequently, it also boasts the lowest population density in the country, with just 16,27 people per square kilometre, compared to the national average of 30. Vidzeme is home to several key industries, including dairy, forestry, wood processing, metalworking, chemical industry, ICT, tourism, and creative industries.

Challenge description

Vidzeme Planning Region (VPR) is a public regional development institution which is guided by the VPR Development Programme (DP). So far there are no systematic mechanism how to monitor progress on a territorial level. It is very important that each goal and planned activities of a VPR DP responds directly to needs of inhabitants and involve them into the action. Transparent, reliable system for collecting, aggregating and communicating regional development to the public is a necessity.


Anticipated result

Monitoring framework for the development of the Vidzeme Planning Region.

The establishment of a unified monitoring framework in the Vidzeme planning region as a territory is very important in order to ensure a successful development management process and feedback to each of the parties involved in the implementation of the VPR Development Programme, thus also promoting the interest and involvement of each resident of the region in the development of their place, region and Vidzeme region as a whole.

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