Understanding AKIS in the EU and Slovakia

AKIS at the EU Level

The Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation System (AKIS) is an integral part of the European Union's Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for 2023-2027. AKIS aims to enhance the integration and efficiency of agricultural knowledge, ensuring that innovations and scientific advancements are effectively disseminated and implemented across the agricultural sector. It encompasses a network of diverse actors, including farmers, advisors, researchers, and educational institutions, working collaboratively to foster innovation, support decision-making, and solve agricultural problems. The EU has allocated substantial funding for AKIS, including €10 billion under Horizon Europe for research and innovation related to food, farming, and rural development.

AKIS in Slovakia: Current Initiatives and Progress

In Slovakia, AKIS is actively developed to align with EU standards while leveraging local agricultural strengths. The Slovak Rural Youth Parliament (SRY) is involved in this transformation, engaging young people in agriculture and promoting innovation. The initiatives include the "Demonstration Farms" section, which showcases innovative practices and technologies, and collaboration with stakeholders to organize workshops and training sessions emphasizing digital tools and sustainable farming.

The Slovak University of Agriculture (SUA) in Slovakia also plays a crucial role in AKIS development, focusing on research, advisory services, and knowledge dissemination to ensure Slovak farmers have access to the latest agricultural innovations.

The PoliRuralPlus Slovak Pilot

The Slovak pilot under the PoliRuralPlus initiative aims to revitalize rural areas in Slovakia by enhancing stakeholder cooperation, creating a cross-sectoral governmental platform, and contributing to the EU Rural Pact. This project is set to drive significant positive changes by:

  • Fostering Cooperation: Enhancing collaboration among farmers, local businesses, community leaders, and government agencies to share resources and best practices.
  • Establishing a Governmental Platform: Facilitating better policy coordination affecting rural areas.
  • Contributing to the EU Rural Pact: Aligning local efforts with EU-wide strategies for scalable and consistent rural development.

How PoliRuralPlus Supports AKIS

PoliRuralPlus enhances rural development through participatory approaches and advanced technological tools. It provides a robust platform for data collection, analysis, and dissemination, essential for informed decision-making in agriculture. By integrating various stakeholders, PoliRuralPlus co-creates solutions addressing rural challenges and fosters a more resilient agricultural sector. For Slovakia, PoliRuralPlus offers tools and methodologies that enhance AKIS initiatives, helping engage young farmers, promote innovation, and align rural development strategies with the latest technological advancements and community needs.


AKIS is a vital component of the EU's strategy to modernize agriculture and achieve sustainable development. In Slovakia, the proactive efforts of the Slovak Rural Youth Parliament and the Slovak University of Agriculture (SUA) are involved in successful AKIS implementation. Supported by innovative projects like PoliRuralPlus, these initiatives foster innovation and sustainability, empowering the next generation of farmers to lead the agricultural sector into a prosperous future.

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