Innovation is a core element for economic success, promoting growth and development. However, in rural areas, there is often a lack of an ecosystem that supports entrepreneurship. The pilot project aims to contribute to strengthening the innovation landscape in the region. The long-term goal of the pilot project is to promote entrepreneurship and sustainable regional development in the Bavarian-Czech border area. In this context, the concerns of young professionals will be considered, among other things, to make the region attractive for this target group and prevent migration. The starting point is an analysis of existing data, which provides information about the innovation capacity and attractiveness of the regions. The project team members meet regularly to first identify and evaluate suitable data. By leveraging this analysis, the team will develop targeted strategies and initiatives aimed at enhancing the innovation ecosystem. These strategies could include mentorship programs, funding opportunities, and infrastructure development tailored to the needs of aspiring entrepreneurs. Additionally, partnerships with local educational institutions and businesses will be fostered to create a robust support network. Through these efforts, the pilot project aspires to transform the Bavarian-Czech border area into a vibrant hub of innovation and entrepreneurship, ensuring long-term economic success.