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Innovation platform - Mallusjoki Summer Festival

A innovation platform for the Rural Event Industry

24 Jul 2024 • Mallusjoki Youth Association and Smart & Lean Hub Oy

This year, the Mallusjoki Summer Festival - Takinkääntöviikko - is being used as an innovation platform for the Rural Event Industry.The platform provides a test-bed for real-life experiments and a r

PoliRural Plus strategic meeting in Brussels on the use of advanced technologies to strengthen regional planning and development

Runar Bergheim (AV), Patrick Crehan (CKA), John J. O'Flaherty (MAC) Daniel Molina (SINNO) and Karel Charvat (CCSS)

19 Jun 2024 • Sarka Horakova: Czech Center for Science and Society

Last week in Brussels, the PoliRuralPlus project meeting convened key stakeholders to deliberate on the integration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Large Language Models (LLMs) into the Regional

Work on the future concept of a Czech-German innovation hub

28 May 2024 • Karin Haslböck

Innovation is a core element for economic success, promoting growth and development. However, in rural areas, there is often a lack of an ecosystem that supports entrepreneurship. The pilot project a

Innovative Foresight and Sustainable Practices in Rural Development: Highlights from Collaborative Meeting of the Slovak Pilot

Petr Šimánek, Vojtěch Rybář, Miroslav Čepek, Alexander Kovalenko, Petra Ritschelová and David Pešek (FIT CVUT), Vít Dočkal (CIIRC CVUT), Karel Charvát (CCSS), Marieta Okenková (Slovak University of Agriculture in Nitra)

22 May 2024 • Sarka Horakova: Czech Center for Science and Society

On May 20th, a collaborative meeting was held in Prague at the Czech Technical University (CVUT) involving representatives from the Faculty of Information Technology (FIT CVUT: Petr Šimánek, Vojtěch

Greetings from Finland!

Club night at Mallusjoki, Finland, on March 23, 2024

20 May 2024 • Heidi Heikkilä/MYA

Here at Mallusjoki, we have started a project by studying where in Finland people come from to our events. And because simplicity is beautiful, we have also started the study with a simple methodolog

PoliRuralPlus: Integrating Technology and Nature for Sustainable Rural Development

17 May 2024 • Mgr. Alexander Kovalenko, Ph.D., Faculty of Information Technology, CTU in Prague

Most of us have likely heard of the term "Smart City," but what about "Smart Village"? What is the major factor that distinguishes the penetration of modern technologies developed

Unveiling Rural Innovation: Insights from TC Freyung Meeting

PoliRuralPlus partners discussing Czech-Bavarian cross-border cooperation

3 May 2024 • Markéta Kollerová

In a bid to catalyze rural development and innovation, Technology Center Freyung (part of Deggendorf Institute of Technology) recently played host to a gathering of stakeholders from across Czech-Bav

Bridging PoliRural and PoliRuralPlus

Stakeholder Engagement

28 Mar 2024 • Tuula Löytty

PoliRural - The importance of stakeholder group work in rural development workIn the PoliRural project, stakeholder participation was an important part of the activities to innovate new tools for rur

PoliRuralPlus and the Future of Rural Europe

28 Jan 2024 • (Stein) Runar Bergheim

Like economy class passengers on a plane, rural regions account for most of the population, but receive the lowest level of service.It should be noted that the picture is multi-faceted. In penance f