The Greek pilot focuses on addressing the key challenges and unlocking new opportunities in the agricultural sector of Central Greece. Its objective is to enhance the region's economic resilience and digital competencies by providing targeted training for sustainable agritech technologies and promoting agritourism. The programme comprises the key components, including training in sustainable agritech technologies, which will provide comprehensive training programmes with the objective of enhancing digital skills among actors within the Agricultural Knowledge and Innovation Systems (AKIS) framework.

Moreover, the pilot will facilitate the development of promotional services for agritourism, including a series of tailored promotional actions and strategic plans. These endeavours will seek to diversify agritourism by highlighting Central Greece's abundant natural resources and local agricultural products and creating financial opportunities and encouraging regional development. Furthermore, the pilot will not only raise awareness about local products but also inspire potential stakeholders through promotional activities. The anticipated outcomes of the pilot include enhanced digital skills, economic diversification, and sustainable practices.

This pilot builds on the Polirural project, which aimed to enhance rural prosperity through innovation and policy support.

The Agricultural University of Athens is the lead institution in this pilot initiative and will work closely with the pilot partners, GAIA and NEUROPUBLIC, on the implementation of the tasks throughout the duration of the project.