During the PoliRuralPlus Sprint Code, hosted at Faculty of Information Technology CTU in Prague from June 17th to 19th, significant discussions focused on the integration of AI technologies to facilitate regional development, with a particular emphasis on enhancing decision-making processes within the PoliRuralPlus project. The strategy sessions underscored the dual approach of employing third-party tools like ChatGPT and developing in-house technological solutions. The goal for the initial prototyping phase, slated to conclude by September, is integration with the PoliRuralHub infrastructure and the Lesprojekt cloud GPU servers.

Particular attention during the sessions on the 18th and 19th of June was placed on utilizing spatial data, specifically SPOI (Smart Points of Interest), to enhance initiatives aimed at boosting regional tourism. Demonstrations highlighted how ChatGPT could be leveraged to enrich user experiences by providing contextual insights derived from map data and remote SPOI datasets. This innovative approach to data integration demonstrated the potential of AI technologies in transforming regional tourism strategies.

Additionally, discussions expanded on the use of the PoliRuralPlus Hub as a critical source for training AI models. It was proposed that this hub could function as a repository for various datasets, including those from the Open Land Use (OLU) and Open Transport Map (OTM) databases, as well as Eurostat and national databases. This would ensure that the AI models are well-informed by comprehensive data reflective of regional needs and characteristics.

These strategic deliberations reinforced the project's dedication to adopting advanced AI technologies to support robust regional action plans, thus enhancing decision-making capabilities and promoting sustainable development across various sectors, notably in tourism.

The Sprint Code event was attended by AI developers and researchers from several partner organizations of the PoliRuralPlus project:

  • David Pešek, Petr Šimánek, Vojtěch Rybář, Miroslav Čepek, Petra Ritschelová, Pavel Kordík, Alexander Kovalenko - FIT CVUT (Czech Republic)
  • Karel Charvát, Jan Macura, František Zadražil, Marek Šplíchal, Dmitrij Kožuch - CCSS (Czech Republic)
  • Stein Runar Bergheim - Asplan Viak (Norway)
  • Raul Palma - PSNC (Poland)

Sprint Code second day

Sprint Code second day