Partners CCSS and Plan4all will co-organize a workshop called "Countryside under data fire" for Czech stakeholders. The workshop takes place within the framework of the agriculture exhibition "Země Živitelka 2024" in the meeting room of the Regional Agrarian Chamber in pavilion R3 at the Exhibition Center in České Budějovice, on Thursday, August 22, 2024 from 1:00 p.m. to 2:30 p.m.
During the seminar, we will present solutions in three European partner projects - Data4Food2030, THEROS and PoliRuralPlus.
(The workshop will be held in Czech)

Workshop program:
1st part 13:00 – 13:30
"Using data from the areas of tourism and short food chains for mutual support of these sectors - a case study of the Data4Food2030 project"
The European research project Data4Food2030 (Horizon Europe) is devoted to topics of the data economy in food systems. Czech case study carried out by partners WIRELESSINFO and ÚHLAVA o.p.s. in the Klatovy region, it focuses on assessing the structure of existing data in short food chains (so-called "from farm to fork"), the availability and possible optimization of this data. Above all, however, it is focused on the topic of using this data in other fields, especially in tourism, and vice versa, on the possibility of using tourist data to support producers of local products.

2nd part 13:30 - 14:00
"Market support for local organic food and products with regional brands, including the possibility of protection against counterfeiting and loss of quality (THEROS project)"
The THEROS research project (Horizon Europe) is developing an integrated toolkit that will be able to modernize the verification process of organic and geographically indicated food products and prevent counterfeiting and non-compliance using various technological innovations and data sources. Czech partners WIRELESSINFO and ŠUMAVAPRODUKT s.r.o. within the framework of the demonstration project, it deals with the use of sensors for monitoring conditions for maintaining quality during the transport of goods, as well as business models for supporting the sale of protected products in the form of a digital marketplace.

3rd part 14:30 – 15:00
"Increasing the attractiveness of rural regions across Europe (and not only) using modern technologies and artificial intelligence in the European PoliRuralPlus project"
The last of the presented European research projects is focused on prevailing problems such as administrative fragmentation, inequality and inefficiency in the coordination of public services. The project seeks to foster an environment of enhanced cooperation and equal opportunity across rural and urban divides.
The project partners, Czech Center for Science and Society and the Plan4all association will introduce you to the possibilities of participating in cooperation within the framework of Open Calls, which make it possible to obtain a financial contribution for interesting local projects.

Participation in the seminar is free.
Please register for the seminar using the following link:
Small snacks and drinks are provided free of charge for the entire duration of the seminar.

After the lectures (from 2:30 p.m.) you will have space for further questions and personal meetings with individual representatives of the presented projects, during which you can inquire about the possibilities of involvement in ongoing activities.
You can also find a link to the program on the social networks of the mentioned organizers

The event is public.
Organizers of the seminar:
WirelessInfo, Úhlava, o. p. s., Šumavaprodukt s.r.o., Czech Center for Science and Society and Plan4all z. s.

We look forward to meeting you!

Invitation in Czech - LINK

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