To commence the stakeholder engagement and to support the key activities of the Greek Pilot, GAIA, as one of the partners for the Greek pilot in the PoliRuralPlus project, will enhance the communication pathways with the rural experts and analyse the socio-economic needs. Taking a proactive role in establishing the framework for discussions among the stakeholders, GAIA’s primary focus is to introduce thematic conversations and ensure effective communication across all participants.

By employing the extensive stakeholder list created during the successful PoliRural project, we have undertaken the initiative to establish a framework for discussions by introducing specific thematic areas for open dialogue. Each team will focus on topics such as agrotourism, sustainable agri-technologies, and agriculture, ensuring that all relevant aspects of the project are comprehensively examined.

Given the diverse composition of the stakeholder network and with the aim of enhancing stakeholder integration, we intent to segment participants based on their areas of expertise. This approach allows for more focused and productive discussions, effectively leveraging the knowledge and skills of each group. Stakeholders from various sectors, including agriculture, research, policy bodies, young professionals and representatives from the tourism sector, are now optimally aligned to contribute meaningfully to the project's success.

Our strategy encompasses ongoing engagement with stakeholders to ensure their inputs are seamlessly integrated into the project's development. Regular updates, workshops, and interactive sessions are planned to maintain an open line of communication and collaboration. These initiatives will substantially contribute to the success of the PoliRuralPlus project, fostering a collaborative environment where every stakeholder's expertise is valued and utilized.