In PoliRuralPlus we use a project management framework, the acronym of which is DECS. The acronym refers to the following project actions:

  • Dissemination
  • Exploitation
  • Communication
  • Scaling up

The DECS framework consists of the drivers, principles, guidelines, methods, tools and monitoring measures put in place to support project activities, promote project results and help consortium partners to act efficiently and effectively.

The DECS framework provides the roadmap, i.e. the strategy, implementation and follow-up, for how project activities and results will be analysed, processed and disseminated to different channels, stakeholders and audiences in order to maximise the impact of the project.

The following 5 keywords describe the underlying principles of the DECS: Impactful - Controlled - Distributed - Multifaceted - Transparent.

The prestigious selection of PoliRuralPlus partners met on 2.5.2024 to plan the implementation of the DECS - framework and to share ideas and best practice within the partnership.

Capacity Building on DECS 2.5.2024