The POLIRURAL Plus project is a pioneering research and innovation initiative aimed at advancing rural policy development in the context of disruptive data and technologies. The goal is to deliver a reliable, scalable, and transferable solution for policy co-creation. This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation programme.

Main aim

The PoliRuralPlus project aims to improve the quality of life for people living in urban and rural areas across the EU by promoting coordinated and collaborative development within the regions. It is doing so by fostering a sustainable, balanced, equitable, place-based and inclusive development of rural and urban areas through improved connections, governance arrangements, and integrated territorial policies that prioritise experimentation and innovation in domains that favour bi-directional urban-rural synergies and the development of a well-being economy, driven by foresight, planning and implementation of integrated urban-rural strategies.

County Monaghan pilot project

In partnership with the National Microelectronics Application Centre Ltd (MAC), Ireland and following consultations with stakeholders, the aim of the Monaghan Pilot is to achieve by 2030.

  1. County Monaghan will have a vibrant, integrated, and inclusive Rural – Urban community where all will enjoy the same quality of life, with a vibrant innovation ecosystem of active smart towns, smart villages and rural actors.
  2. County Monaghan will be a strong, connected, resilient and prosperous integrated rural-urban region, with the highest proportion of non-traditional new entrants in Ireland.

The Monaghan pilot will focus its PoliRuralPlus Rural-Urban Regional Action Plan on the topic "Unlocking the Potential of the Green Economy: Exploring Entrepreneurship and Innovation in Environmental Products and Services in County Monaghan." This topic has strong synergy with other activities within the county, particularly in the context of LEADER as well as EU and Irish national policies.

With the result that by the end of the PoliRuralPlus project County Monaghan will be thriving, integrated rural-urban area with equal qualify of life, focused on: Green Economy: Boosting rural jobs and innovation in environmental products and services, to diversify the economy and attract young people and skilled newcomers.

Stakeholders’ Roles and Responsibilities:

These stakeholders play crucial roles in driving and shaping rural-urban linkages and opportunities within the project area. The stakeholders to be identified of the PoliRuralPlus project include local communities, local government, statutory bodies, farmers, SMEs, industry associations, research institutions, NGOs, civil society groups, infrastructure providers, digital technology companies, financial institutions, and tourism sector representatives.

The task will follow.

  1. Develop a survey or interview guide to solicit feedback on rural-urban linkages and opportunities.
  2. Conduct survey or interview with stakeholders to gather feedback on the current state of rural urban linkages and opportunities in the project area, as well as the impact of COVID-19 on these linkages and opportunities.
  3. Analyse the feedback and identify key themes and trends.
  4. Synthesise the findings of the stakeholder feedback and outlining key findings and recommendation at the end of the project.

Meetings and Participations

The stakeholders will meet bi-annually approximately 6 times over the project, online, hybrid or in person as decided by group.

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