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Faculty of Information Technology CTU in Prague focuses on the most modern areas of informatics and information technology. It offers modern Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degree programmes in Informatics. The great interest of applicants in studying allows dynamic faculty development, superior education and to set up excellent scientific workplaces. It is one of the eight faculties of the Czech Technical University in Prague, the largest and oldest technical university in Europe. For more information

Monaghan Integrated Development CLG is a local development company. Local development promotes area-based, integrated, “bottom-up” interventions to address long-term unemployment, economic marginalisation and social exclusion. It recognises the interdependence of economic, social and cultural issues in working for sustainable and inclusive growth and social cohesion. Local development aims to provide the structure, funding and support for the partnership sectors to work together for the benefit of the area. It is about empowering local communities to sponsor innovative strategies and projects for enterprise, improving employment opportunities, education, training and community development.

MAC is an Irish SME that applies ICT for regional development & improving the lives of people & communities, particularly those with special needs, & ensuring that delivered web services & apps meet their intended users’ requirements & are sustainable. MAC is working closely with & technically supports MID to support implementation of the Monaghan Pilot & experiments, building on its PoliRural, ABARD, SDI4Apps, SmartOpenData, HABITATS & other rural regional development pilots & projects.

Slovak University of Agriculture (SUA) in Nitra is a public university that provides education in accredited study programs on bachelor, master and doctoral level of study as well as various programmes of lifelong learning.

SUA has attained the position of one of Slovakia’s leading universities since it was founded in 1952. The University is consistently rated in the top group for the high quality of its teaching and research in the Slovak Republic. The University cultivates close and productive links with its local and regional community and will continue to expand its work at an international level in both teaching and scientific research. They have a strong tradition of working in collaboration with business and industry and playing an active role in economic regeneration. They place great emphasis on embracing and responding to new information and communication technology opportunities.

The university specialises in education in the field of agriculture and related research areas such as: Agro biology, Food resources, sustainable agriculture, Agricultural production, biotechnology, food technology, Engineering of agricultural machinery and equipment, Computerization and automation of agricultural equipment, Operation of energy facilities on agricultural production, Gardening and landscape design, Economics and Management, International trade in agricultural commodities, Marketing, Development of rural tourism, Project management for rural development, Lifelong learning, etc.


Slovak Rural Youth Parliament was established in 2019. SRY is a civic association, a dynamic platform for youth from all over Slovakia, where they meet, discuss, and collaborate on innovations and strengthening of rural communities. SRY is a response to the lack of youth organisations focused on the countryside, which solves the problems of young people not being disposed to rural life. Our goals include youth, community, and educational activities, environmental protection, promotion of ecological alternatives, and lobbying for legislative changes. Our vision is to create an environment where young leaders shape rural life and influence decision-making processes.

Agricultural University of Athens (AUA) is the third oldest university in Greece and was established in 1920. It offers high-level undergraduate and postgraduate education and research in Agricultural Science. True to its traditional role of responding to the productive and developmental needs of the Greek economy and society, the AUA intervenes and develops in line with the development and orientation of modern education and science.

GAIA EPICHEIREIN was established in 2014 as the result of a broader alliance between agricultural cooperative organisations, IT and banking sector sharing a common vision for a more sustainable and competitive Greek agriculture.

To fulfil our mission we provide information, policy support & high quality services. The key denominator of all services is technological innovation—they cover Greek farmers’ needs, ranging from the optimization of their economic & environmental performance by adopting innovative approaches, to assistance in applying for national & EU support.

NEUROPUBLIC is an innovative Informatics and Technology company founded in 2003 in Piraeus, specialising in the development of Web- and Cloud-based integrated information systems and applications meeting high requirements. The company has developed the first and only large-scale Internet of Things infrastructure in Greece, installing thousands of wireless sensors, in-house designed and manufactured, on agricultural land. NEUROPUBLIC invests sizable funds in Research & Development (more than € 2mil.), developing the gaiasense smart farming system, aiming at digitising and reforming agricultural production in Greece.

Tinada is an Italian spin-off of the University of Foggia, established in 2011, composed of a proactive staff whose heterogeneity of experience is its strength. Founded with the intention of realising software useful for knowledge transfer, it soon expanded its role by acting as a bridge for innovation, fostering the processes of transfer and dissemination in the territory, facilitating the communication of local groups towards the European context, universities, companies, and other governmental and non-governmental institutions.

The Mallusjoki Youth Association, over a century old, can be considered responsible for many enchanting peculiarities in the village of Mallusjoki. This thriving association organises spectacular rural events full of shows and music inviting famous and also new artists to the village. In addition to cultural activities, the association provides recreational opportunities, e.g. circus and floorball, for villagers of all ages.

Smart & Lean Hub Oy is a SME which business is built on three pillars: 1. Continuous Improvement: We apply practise oriented research and innovation methodologies that are rooted in Lean and Lean Six Sigma principles. 2. Capacity Building: We bring together people with different backgrounds to collaboratively learn and solve problems. 3. Business Intelligence: We want to bolster data usage in business and guide our customers to apply data to drive intelligent business decisions.

CCSS is an independent, non-profit association of legal entities which cooperate with organisations and individuals in the Czech Republic and abroad. CCSS activities are oriented in a wide range of thematic areas implemented in international European research projects. The results of these projects aim at supporting small and medium sized enterprises and the development of their activities. Activities also extend to the field of information technology, advisory, education, sustainable development and the development of applications in the field of environment, water, forestry, agriculture, agrotourism, and precision farming.

Plan4all is a non-profit organisation focused on integrating and leveraging spatial and urban planning data to support sustainable development initiatives. As a hub for the aggregation of large datasets, including geographical, environmental, and socio-economic data, Plan4all plays a pivotal role in enhancing the accessibility and utility of spatial data. Plan4all actively collaborates with a variety of stakeholders, including public and private sectors, research institutions, and NGOs, to foster the development of robust spatial data infrastructures. Plan4all is a member of international organisations including the Group on Earth Observation (GEO), Global Open Data for Agriculture and Nutrition (GODAN), Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), Big Data Value Association (BDVA) and Research Data Alliance (RDA).

The Deggendorf Institute of Technology, founded in 1994, has quickly become one of the most advanced and international universities of applied sciences in Germany. As a public university its mission is to continually focus on high quality, practice-oriented and modern education combined with advanced research. The Institute of applied Informatics (IAI) at the Technology Campus Freyung is the oldest of numerous campuses the DIT has established throughout Bavaria. It currently unites 50 scientists in computer science, embedded computing, geoinformatics, remote sensing, computer vision and digital economics.

PSNC is an internationally renowned node of the European Research Area, operating advanced e-Infrastructure and continuously expanding its activity as a R&D centre in ICT. Via its unique facilities, resources and services, PSNC supports research activities in many different domains including agriculture. With a core mission to foster scientific excellence by providing reliable and cutting-edge e-Infrastructure, PSNC has 400+ employees, and has participated in 300+ projects, coordinating 43 of them. PSNC has several active computer science R&D departments working on different aspects, including widely recognized activities and results related to semantic data modelling, data harmonisation and integration, supporting semantic interoperability in different data spaces, as well as experience with deploying and operating HPC systems and cloud infrastructures. PSNC is a member of international organisations including the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), Big Data Value Association (BDVA), GAIA-X, FIWARE, European Open Science Cloud (EOSC), and others.

Social Innolabs is a nonprofit organisation aiming to serve as a catalyst between technology and society by encouraging the collaboration of different actors in participatory innovation models and the development of products that improve citizens' quality of life on an ethical basis.

Our activity is mainly focused on promoting research and innovation entrepreneurship, and social and territorial cohesion through specifically focused actions of a network of Social Spaces for Research and Innovation

CKA is a Brussels based management consulting firm that specialises in the management of research, innovation, and economic development. For the last decade it has focused on the transition to sustainability. It advises both private and public sector clients on how to navigate the transition, by seeing it as an opportunity for growth and development. CKA uses a Foresight process as a change management tool. In recent years, it emphasises the need for ‘transformation’ instead of ‘change’, to reflect the urgent, systemic, and often radical nature of what is required to achieve a just and timely transition that avoids the catastrophic effects of climate change.

Vidzeme Planning Region (VPR) is a public regional development institution, one of the five planning regions in Latvia representing 11 municipalities. VPR organises and implements regional spatial development planning and coordination and cooperation between municipalities and governmental institutions. VPR’s mission is to promote sustainable and well-balanced development of the Vidzeme Region and to provide effective services to regional governments, businesses, NGOs and citizens to achieve the jointly defined development targets.

AcrossLimits is an SME and VET provider based in Malta, firmly rooted in the innovation and ICT sectors. AcrossLimits focuses its solution and service offerings on the deployment of IT to benefit all citizens. Over its more than 20 years of operations, AL has participated in over 80 EU-funded research, innovation and educational projects in various sectors, from development, digitisation, sustainable and green ICT solutions, e-learning, eGovernment, eHealth, gender equality and mobile applications.